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Bespoke Learning and Development Program

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PRG is a global group of specialised recruitment brands. Their adept and knowledgeable consultants offer tailored solutions to meet various business challenges, emphasizing a personalized approach for both clients and candidates. PRG's commitment to providing comprehensive staffing solutions across diverse markets underscores their dedication to delivering exceptional service and fostering positive experiences for all involved.

The Challenge

PRG had a growing team and a growing number of access and EDI needs. With the concerns around the legalities of protected characteristics, the objective of enhancing manager comprehension, and alleviating HR concerns surrounding the complexities of a multi-layered workforce, Devon's deep understanding of PRG's business dynamics gained through discovery sessions played a pivotal role in facilitating a transformative training session. Devon's adept training environment management ensured that the PRG team felt engaged and supported throughout the process. ​

During the training session, the PRG leadership team, including the Managing Directors, HR, and the Learning and Development team, participated in a comprehensive neurodiversity training day. The day's agenda encompassed essential topics such as an introduction to neurodiversity, the advantages of collaborating with neurodivergent employees, the concept of masking with ADHD and Autistic employees, emphasizing the significance of trust and psychological safety in the workplace, and exploring the diverse working styles preferred by neurodivergent employees.

The Results

The training session led by Devon proved immensely beneficial for PRG. Its engaging and informative nature facilitated a deeper understanding of neurodiversity within the organisation. As a result, the leadership team gained valuable insights into the significance of fostering an inclusive and supportive workplace environment for all employees, regardless of neurodiversity. This, in turn, led to a significant increase in employees and candidates disclosing their diagnosis and/or needs at work.​

The PRG team's active participation in various exercises and discussions enabled them to identify proactive ways to support neurodivergent individuals within the company. Devon's expertise and guidance fostered a collaborative approach that ensured everyone felt included and valued, fostering a sense of safety and comfort within PRG's office spaces. ​

Moreover, PRG's collaboration with the Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion (ENEI) and Devon Lowndes reinforced the organisation's commitment to creating a supportive and inclusive work culture. The training day marked a significant milestone in PRG's journey toward fostering an environment where all team members feel empowered and respected, laying the foundation for continued growth and inclusivity within the organisation.

I took so much away from the session - thank you Devon for your passion and knowledge it was interesting and enlightening!

Chelsea White Global HR Business Partner​

A thought - provoking day raised some important conversations and gave us the tools to keep having them! PRG took so much away from the session - Devon had the ability to control a room of senior leaders with big personalities. We loved it. BIG day! It really felt like you understood us. Thank you , Devon , for your passion and knowledge

Tracy Wright – Head of People