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Coaching Client

Neurodivergent Coaching


An Engagement and Events Coordinator sought personalised coaching from Self Agency to gain deeper insight into managing his ADHD in the workplace. Feeling that his neurodiversity was not adequately supported by his managers, he also sought guidance on the accommodations necessary to foster inclusivity for himself and other neurodiverse individuals.

The Challenge

He faced significant challenges in advocating for neurodiversity awareness within his organisation. Senior management lacked understanding regarding ADHD, mental health, and the importance of reasonable adjustments in the workplace. Additionally, he had personally experienced discrimination, further highlighting the urgent need for comprehensive training and awareness initiatives. However, financial constraints limited the organisation's ability to provide senior management with the necessary training.

The Results

Through tailored 1:1 coaching sessions, Devon provided invaluable insights into ADHD and mental health, enabling him to articulate his needs effectively. The sessions also delved into the framework surrounding discrimination, empowering him to advocate for equitable treatment in the workplace. As a result, he gained a deeper understanding of his neurodiversity and learned practical strategies to effectively leverage his strengths.

I found my experience extremely insightful, interesting, and never judged. Devon's support was always there, and I felt encouraged to discuss any issue openly. The coaching sessions provided a caring and non-judgmental environment, allowing me to address challenges and gain valuable insights. Devon's deep understanding of neurodiversity and personal experiences made the sessions truly impactful. I never felt I couldn't discuss something, and everything was always kind and caring environment.

Coaching Client