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Welcome to On Our Minds, a neurodivergent community event where different minds can share, shine and socialise in a fun and supportive space.

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Event details

When: Sunday 23rd June, 14:00-17:00hrs

Where: Armada House, Telephone Avenue,
Bristol City Centre, BS1 4BQ

Theme: Beginnings

Dress code: Be yourself!

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All about beginnings

Run by neurodivergent individuals for those who feel like they think differently, On Our Minds offers a unique space to tell your true stories or give short talks on your special interests under a given theme.

This upcoming event is all about “Beginnings”.

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Here’s what you can expect on the day

The event will last for three hours and structured as follows:

1st hour – You arrive and can see the activity station and gallery item.
2nd hour – Live story and idea sharing.
3rd hour – It’s your time to chat and revisit the gallery and activity stations.

There are two distinct spaces at the event – one where you can sit and watch performances and another where you can have a few stations of sensory/ hyperfocus activities. Both spaces are to be set in a sensory-friendly way that provides respite from stimulation and a safe and comfortable setting.

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Get involved

Every attendee can put their name into the hat to tell a 5-minute story on stage. Or write down a 1 sentence story and place it in a second hat to be read out for you in between stories.

Whether you're eager to showcase your art, share your own life experiences or simply listen and learn from others, speaking is optional. The choice is entirely yours.

We encourage everyone to get involved by contributing in any way they feel comfortable. The main thing is that you can connect with others who understand you and feel a sense of belonging.

Tickets for On Our Minds

Come join us

So, if you feel like On Our Minds is the space for you, join us as we come together to create a more understanding and compassionate world, one story at a time.

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A few house rules

To keep the story and idea sharing segment fun, fair and engaging, we have a few rules:

The story or idea must be shared within 5 minutes. (We’ll have to kindly ask you to stop if you go beyond this point.)

Please include any trigger warnings when you enter your idea or story into the hat.

All stories you tell must be true.

The individual must take responsibility for the information shared.

We expect you to share things that you are emotionally ready to share. This community is not a support group.

We will also make sure that support is available onsite for anyone who is feeling emotional and would like it. We will also signpost, if necessary, to services that can provide ongoing support.

Accessing Armada House

Armada House is conveniently located in Bristol City Centre, near the Bristol Hippodrome.

If you’re arriving by train at Bristol Temple Meads, it will take around 15 minutes to walk (just shy of a mile). Alternatively, there are several buses that run every 15-20 minutes from Bristol Temple Meads Station to the centre just a 3-minute walk away from the venue.

For those coming by car, you’ll find Armada House just off Baldwin Street (B4053) on Telephone Avenue.

There’s a small car park strictly reserved for drivers with a disability. You’ll need to contact the venue directly to reserve these in advance. Otherwise, there are multiple Pay & Display car parks within a mile radius, including the ones on Queen Charlotte Street and Princess Street.

If you are hearing or visually impaired and wish to attend, or want to discuss anything related to accessibility, please make email Devon before the event – We want to do everything we can to accommodate you and ensure you have an amazing time.

The minds behind the meetup

On Our Minds is brought to you by Self Agency in partnership with CareScribe.


Who are Self Agency?

Self Agency is a neurodiversity consultancy in Bristol, paving new opportunities for every mind through training, workshops, events and consultancy.


Who are CareScribe?

CareScribe is an award-winning assistive technology company based in Bristol, UK.
They are on a mission to build an inclusive and accessible world for people who are disabled or neurodivergent.


Code of conduct

To best accommodate the needs of neurodivergent individuals in this community, we have decided on a code of conduct in the form of a list of values we intend to hold ourselves accountable to at all times when planning and running the event. These include always being:

• Open to learning
• Aware of the limitations of our lived experience as a team and actively seeking to expand this
• Kind
• Transparent

Do your part for the community

As this community is new, we need you!

If you’re interested in sponsoring a volunteer or contributing in any way, please email Devon from Self Agency at Your support will help us continue to create meaningful experiences for our neurodivergent community.

Join our community
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