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Istoria Group is a collective of creative agencies with distinct but complementary skill sets, a collaborative spirit and the shared ambition to make their clients more visible, more relevant and more compelling to their customers. In addition, the women-owned group is dedicated to innovation, entrepreneurship and the local economy. As part of this ethos, they support promising small businesses in their growth and direction through their Incubator Hub initiative.

The Challenge

Istoria Group and its agencies design spaces and experiences, whether physical spaces at an exhibition, designing a new restaurant, a website or a digital experience. Istoria Group commissioned Self Agency to host a Lunch and Learn for the teams to learn more about neurodiversity and factors affecting ND individuals. Self-Agency opened the conversation between typical and non-typical brain types and identified the advantages of a culture that values neurodiversity. We had an open conversation to uncover the range of neurodiversity with practical advice on what to consider when creating spaces, physical and digital experiences that takes all minds into consideration!

The Results

The designers and project managers found the awareness information invaluable and came away with practical knowledge to put key inclusivity learnings into practice.

Devon delivered an exceptional Lunch & Learn session on neurodiversity. Her remarkable talent for simplifying intricate concepts made the subject accessible to everyone in the room. Not only did this expand our understanding of neurodiversity, but it also nurtured a stronger sense of inclusivity within our team.​

The session was highly thought-provoking, challenging our perspectives on neurodiversity. Devon provided valuable insights on how to best support diverse perspectives, skills, and strengths. This experience has left a lasting impression on how we can actively enhance our workplace and personal growth in a positive and proactive manner.

Lindie Kramers, CMO, Istoria Group