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Knowle West Alliance Team


Knowle West Alliance is a community-driven organisation committed to building and supporting positive action in Knowle West. Founded by five key organisations and partnering with numerous others, the Alliance serves as a catalyst for positive change within the community. Their mission encompasses embracing diversity, including neurodiversity, and fostering inclusivity across various initiatives and projects.

The Challenge

Knowle West Alliance sought neurodiversity training as part of their community program, recognising the prevalence of neurodiverse individuals within their organisation and across other institutions, as well as the concerns expressed by residents about their neurodiverse children. However, previous training experiences fell short, lacking suitability for the Alliance's community-driven ethos. Consequently, they engaged Self Agency for a Lunch and Learn session focused on delving deeper into neurodiversity. During the session, participants gained valuable insights into different neurodiverse conditions and learned practical strategies for interaction, emphasising the importance of embracing diversity and viewing neurodiversity as a strength.

The Results

Increased Awareness and Understanding: ​
Community members gained deeper insight into various neurodiverse conditions and learned strategies for inclusive interactions.​

Enhanced Community Engagement:​
The neurodiversity training initiative fostered meaningful conversations and connections within the community, promoting a culture of inclusivity and empathy.​

Sustainable Impact:​
By investing in targeted training programs and fostering collaboration among community members, Knowle West Alliance laid the foundation for long-term positive change and continued growth in embracing neurodiversity and inclusivity within their community.

Working with Devon was a truly positive experience from start to finish. The initial correspondence and proposal were excellent, with prompt responses, quick problem-solving, and a clear understanding of our needs setting a strong foundation for collaboration. ​In terms of delivery, Devon exceeded our expectations yet again. While the session differed slightly from our expectations, it was a refreshing change. The focus on people and their differences was insightful, and the interactive activities kept everyone engaged throughout the day. ​The experience of working with Devon was highly positive. The energy, positivity, and lived experience brought a unique perspective to the training, making it both engaging and impactful. We look forward to future collaborations and more neurodiversity training sessions, knowing that Devon's approach is valued and in demand within our community.

Frances Coates, Community Facilitator

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