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Babbasa is an organisation dedicated to addressing inequalities and fostering a fairer city by working with young people, businesses, and the community. With a strong focus on nurturing the potential of young individuals, and guidance to help them overcome challenges and thrive in their chosen paths. Recognising the significance of empowering its staff with updated knowledge and effective support strategies.

The Challenge

Babbasa sought to enhance its understanding of neurodiversity (ND) to better serve its young constituents and ensure an inclusive environment for all. Young people underrepresented and historically discriminated against communities face a crisis of belonging and access. Babbasa recognised the imperative for its staff and policies to have a thorough understanding of neurodiversity and EDI practices for all of its staff and service users, recognising the vast scope of different needs. The organisation needed to develop an approach to access that could encompass all differences, they decided embracing Neurodiversity informed approach would enable them to discover best and meet those needs.

The Results

Recognising the need for openness and transparency in internal and external communication allowed Babbasa to foster a culture of trust and understanding. The training encouraged individuals to share their own experiences, thereby teaching and practising insightful and meaningful progression towards individualised (or person-centred) accessibility. Conversations and adaptations around access and belonging (EDI) that once felt difficult or impossible now happen as part of their onboarding and ongoing meetings. Through a tailored workshop, interactive sessions, and practical training modules, Self Agency imparted a deep understanding of how to implement the Neurodiversity model into their culture.

Devon (Self Agency CIC) has a knack for getting people to share personal stories because she creates such a safe space. It was an excellent training session, and we were influenced by Devon's passion and knowledge on EDI and Neurodiversity. Through her own lived experience, she was able to provide an insightful and thought-provoking session. Great work, Devon Lowndes. Your eloquence and grip on the subject matter are impressive. Everyone needs this training!

Urfan Ali – Senior Business and Partnership Associate Babbasa