Bristol Council’s Neurodiversity Champion

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INTRODUCING ???? ???? ???? : Bristol City Council’s Neurodiversity Champion!! ???? ????


I can finally tell you about the project that Self Agency and Bristol City Council have been working on for the past few months. I have been given the massive honour of becoming the first Neurodiversity Champion for Bristol and am so excited to get going! (Look how happy I am about it!!!)

The first steps will be :
1.    Creating space for Neurodivergent people in Bristol to come together and share ideas and assets (where they feel psychologically safe!) ???? ????
2.    Upskilling Bristol’s organisations in neurodiverse leadership and community practice to benefit everyone ???? ????

Get in touch if:
·     You are neurodivergent and live in Bristol (diagnosed or self-identifying or not sure yet!) ????
·     You are a Leader of a Bristol organisation who would like to be involved in Bristol’s Neurodiversity movement ????
·     You have any thoughts or ideas for celebrating Neurodiversity in Bristol

I’m so grateful to you all for being involved ????

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